Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Google’s 10 little-known fun features

Zerg Rush

Just punch 'Zerg Rush' in Google and you will find yourself defending your search results from an onslaught of zerglings that will try to eat them up. Want to save your precious search results from being obliterated? Just repeatedly click on the dastardly zerglings (which are basically red and yellow coloured Os) to eliminate them.

What's more, Google is keeping score! A widget on the right side of the screen will show how many times you clicked to kill the enemy and the number you killed. If you are unsuccessful, the yellow and red coloured Os will wipe out all search results and assemble to form 'GG'. You can share the score with your circles on Google+ or clear the game and move on to search results.

Flight Simulator

Want to fly a fighter jet? Google is there for you. While using Google Earth, you can enjoy a flight simulation right on your computer's screen and 'fly' around the globe. To activate this feature, you simply need to go into Tools menu and select 'Enter Flight Simulator'.

Upon starting the simulator, you can choose the starting position and aircraft model. You can also enable joystick mode for the flight if you system supports the hardware.

Pac Man

All of us remember Pac Man, the arcade game, but it has become outdated in the days of HD games. But if you still want to play it, just hit Google. On the 30th anniversary of the game, the search giant made an interactive doodle that allowed users to play it using their keyboards.

Barrel Roll

Another cool Google trick that has been doing the rounds on the internet is the barrel roll. Just type 'do a barrel roll' in your browser and you will see the whole page spin 360-degrees once. Just refresh the page to see the effect again and again.


Another cool interactive doodle was created on the 96th birthday of Les Paul, the inventor of solid-body electric guitar. Google's logo was redone to form a guitar that could be played using the cursor of the mouse or the keyboard. You can even record your tunes and Google will upload it on the web, so that you can listen to it again and save it as a media file on the computer.


During the London Olympics 2012, Google made a doodle for Hurdles, where a runner jumps over obstacles. This is an interactive doodle and allows you to race using the keyboard, with increasing level of difficulty. You can set your best score and even challenge your friends.

Moog Synthesiser

In 1960s and 70s, Moog Synthesiser was used by top musicians across the world to add depth to their music. Now you can do that too, as Google made an interactive Moog Synthesiser on its creater, Robert Moog's, 78th birthday.

The synthesiser can be controlled from keyboard as well as the mouse and consists of features like mixer, oscillators, filters and envelope, which you can tinker with. You can record your own music and listen as well as share it on the web.


Tired of waiting for the YouTube video to buffer? Then you can play a round of 'Snake' in the meantime. The popular game of 1970s can be played by pausing an ongoing or buffering video by pressing either the left, right or down arrow key, immediately followed by the up arrow key. You can even play the game in full screen.

Slalom Canoe

Another interactive Google offering is the Slalom Canoe doodle of London Olympics 2012. The game features a canoe and the rower is required to pass through the course in the shortest possible time.

You can control the canoe with a the keyboard and need to avoid obstacles in the river while ensuring that the player passes through the check-points.


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