Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Norton CCSVCHST .EXE Problem

Does your computer drastically slow down due to Norton's' AntiVirus files, CCSVCHST.EXE  and/or NPROTECT.EXE ? Then try the below trick!

In the Task Manager Performance Tab, check the usage of CPU. Sometimes task manager seems to be normal,  but after a while the monitor will show CPU usage of 90-100%  by one of the above files although not both at the same time.  

If the problem persists similar to this:

  1. Disable Norton's Antivirus in the lower right bottom in the Notification area. 
  2. You can disable it for 15 minutes, by the hour,  by the next restart or permanently.  If you disable it permanently, then on the next restart you will get a warning that the Firewall is now disabled. Disable Norton's Antivirus option until the "next shut-down (re- start)". 
  3. Disable and reboot the system and check the Task Manger. The applications should settle down and show normal usage of the process Norton's CCSVCHST.EXE.
  4. Boot your system periodically if your system runs non stoply.  Effectively, it turned out to be a RESET.  Possible reason, CCSVCHST.EXE  process triggered a continuous never ending running cycle thus the CPU hogs resources. 

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