Monday, 15 April 2013

New Google Feature Lets You Decide What Happens To Your Data When You Die

Google is providing new feature “Inactive Account Manager” account feature that can help you keep your data out of the wrong hands when you die.

In summary, the Inactive Account Manager allows you to tell Google what to do with your information after your account has been unused for a certain period of time. With that said, Google really hasn’t beat around the bush while explaining the true purpose of this new feature.
“Not many of us like thinking about death — especially our own. But making plans for what happens after you’re gone is really important for the people you leave behind,” said a Google Public Policy Blog post. “So today, we’re launching a new feature that makes it easy to tell Google what you want done with your digital assets when you die or can no longer use your account.”


While not yet available for Google Apps, regular users can determine the fate of their Gmail messages and data from other Google services if their account becomes inactive for three, six, or 12 months. Possible actions include the total deletion of information, or even the ability to have it sent to trusted contacts who are connected to your Google account’s services. As a built-in safety feature, Google will send an email or a text message to the user before the timeout period ends.Do you think the Inactive Account Manager is a good idea? 

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