Thursday, 2 August 2012

Multiple Profile in Portable Firefox

To create a new profile in Installed Firefox, Click me.

To create a new profile in Portable Firefox, Follow the below steps to create multiple profiles in Portable Firefox:

STEP 1 : Create the profiles
The normal architecture of the firefox portable folder is:
You need to create multiple "Data" folders (one for each profile) in firefox portable. You can either keep "Data" as the default folder, or just erase it. You can name the folders as you wish. You can replace profile1, profile2, profile3, by Serious, Naughty, extensionTester if you prefer.
The pofiles folders are empty. This is normal. Firefox will fill them with the default profile content (stored in the app folder, if you want to check). If you want to put your existing profiles datas, it is the right moment. Just paste the content of your profiles, in the folders.

STEP 2 : Create the ini files
Firfox Portable apps configuration can be changed through a file called FirefoxPortable.ini Fetch the one in FirefoxPortable / Other / Sources and copy it in the FirefoxPortable folder.

If you edit it, you see that two lines are pointing at the old Data folder. Save three copies of this file in the same directory, after changing the "Data" name to your corresponding profile:
  • FirefoxPortableProfile1.ini :
  • FirefoxPortableProfile2.ini :
  • etc...
STEP 3 : Start them
Ok, you just have to create a little .bat file to overwrite the FirefoxPortable.ini with the ini of the profile you want to use.
copy /Y FirefoxPortableProfile1.ini FirefoxPortable.ini

(don't forget to add a carriage return after the last line, otherwise it will not be executed)
You can have as many bat to start all your profiles, or you can create a more complicated bat which will ask you which profile you want to start. 

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