Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Bloggers' Rights

In this post I will not be writing about any freeware, any tool or any news but there will be something different related to the rights of a blogger. Now it may seem little bit odd but still if you are interested then you can go for reading it. I will be completely describing the rights owned by a writer, still some fight is going on for these rights and we are supported by EFF.

Let us have a look at the rights possessed by a blogger.

  • Bloggers have a right to be the journalist and its also the other way around, if we take this point logically then we are absolutely right but still EFF is fighting it on the institutional grounds so that a blogger can himself call a journalist and all the journalist can call themselves as the bloggers.
  • Bloggers have the right to be anonymous. Now this is something which is also necessary as it completely depends upon the blogger the way he wants to write, a blogger is always known by the content or the piece of information which he or she shares with the world. So, if they do not want to come in front of everyone then it is quite convenient, but they cannot hide their identity for the judicial members they can just be anonymous to their users until and unless they do no get involved in any crime or illegal scene.
  • Bloggers have a right to free speech. As they are sharing something important so it is quite convenient if any blogger expresses his or her views on that topic.
  • Bloggers have the right to make a political speech. As I already mentioned that they can be a journalist and moreover, talking about government or any political party should never be a problem as the readers are supposed to be informed with the deepest part regarding politics in the country.
  • Bloggers should also have the right to host the speech as the other websites host. Still the fight is going on to remove this discrimination on speech hosting as compared to speeches host by websites.

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