Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Restart Windows XP without restarting Computer

When you click on the SHUTDOWN button, make sure to simultaneous press SHIFT Button. If you hold the Shift key down while clicking on SHUTDOWN button, you computer would restart without restarting the Computer. This is equivalent to term "HOT REBOOT". 

Restart windows without restarting your PC
If u Install An Appz And Ask For Reboot Just Use This And U Can Use Ur Appz Without Restart
this works both with windows vista and xp.
so heres the trick..

Windows xp:
Select Start. Select “Shut Down…”. Change the drop-down combo box under “What do you want the computer to do?” to “Restart”. Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the “OK” button.

Select Start, then hover over the right arrow that is to the right of
the padlock icon until the pop-up menu appears that contains “restart”
as one of it’s choices. Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the
“restart” choice.

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