Saturday, 3 October 2009

Rovio is Your Personal Mobile WebCam When You are Miles Away From Home or Office!

Rovio is not just a remote controlled toy but it can very well become your eyes, ears and voice no matter where you are!
Rovio is a product of WowWee, a company that is known for its innovative hi-tech robotic and entertainment products.
This one-eyed, strange looking 3-wheeled toy comes with a mounted camera that can be controlled using a remote or from the internet and other mobile devices from anywhere.
You can control this toy to see what’s happening when you or no one is around home, office or anywhere else. Rovio can connect to the internet and send pictures to your email at regular intervals or even show you a live video on the on the internet. This sophisticated toy can easily work its way around any obstructions in its way but unfortunately does not climb stairs.

It is also loaded with indoor GPS so that it knows where it precisely is at home and when the time comes it automatically locates the charger for charging itself.
The toy is currently selling at $229 but originally priced at $349, Click here to buy or here to find a store of your choice.
Watch the following video to learn more and see Rovio in action..


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