Saturday, 10 October 2009

Nokia prepping wireless chargers

Who likes messy cables around gadgets? Do you? Carrying cables and chargers on the go is a pain. There are wireless keyboards, mouse, Wi-Fi and bluetooth devices, and I thank ’em for making our life easier. But still, at some point in the day, you've got to wire up and charge up. Well, Nokia is getting serious about bringing out wireless charging systems.
Last week, you might have heard the news that the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, joined the Wireless Power Consortium, which is a significant endorsement. The participation of Nokia definitely brings a new dimension to the Consortium and expands the latent market traction of the Qi wireless charging standard.

So what are shanzhai-ians doing? Well, they aren’t cooling their heels. I recently came acrossthis wireless charger by the Chinese company Horizon photoelectric co. Ltd. The charger was developed utilizing the principles of magnetic induction and it pairs an ultra-thin mat with a receiver. The charger can charge 3-6 devices (depending on model) at the same time. There was no information on pricing but they are accepting orders already.

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